Paths and games

Once upon a time, in a very far-off land, there was a boy, and there was a girl too. They had been happy together until the day it hit them: they were actually bored of playing alone. One rainy afternoon a little girl got lost of her path and passed the boy and the girl. She asked them why were they so sad. When she heard the answer she decided to join them. But the thing was that the boy and the girl were so used to play alone that they didn't know how to include the little girl into their games. They smiled to her, and they kissed her goodbye. And the little girl went away to find her path again.

2 comentaris:

David ha dit...

And did they all live happy ever after?

llenguaddicta ha dit...

I don't really think so... but... that's just a story. You can choose a happy ending or a realistic one.